North Canterbury is an internationally renowned region for food and beverage.

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New Zealand has a rich and ever-evolving history with food and beverage.

In search of food and land, our local tribe, Ngāi Tahu, and North Canterbury hapū, Ngāi Tūāhuriri, migrated from the North Island in 1700 AD. Hunters, gatherers and guardians of the land, they relied on horticulture, kaimoana and foraging for sustenance, economics and mana (honour).

They settled in what is now the North Canterbury town of Kaiapoi, amongst the diverse landscape that we still enjoy today; snow-covered rugged mountain ranges, sandy sheltered bays, snow-fed braided rivers and low-lying swampland. – Each of these habitats and their specific ecological conditions contributed to what early Maori recognised as a landscape rich in natural resources; a bountiful region of mahingakai (places where food is gathered and produced).

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