Ataahua is a Māori word. It translates as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘lovely’. An accurate description of every component that makes up Ataahua Wine: from the rural vineyard nestled in the Waipara Valley to the gentle, natural winemaking processes and of course, the look, aroma and taste of the finished product.

Q&A with Stephanie Henderson-Grant from Ataahua

Why North Canterbury?  The limestone and clay soils that are ideal for winegrape production, and the climate to grow and ripen the fruit primarily.  Then there’s the proximity to Christchurch and everything it has to offer and of course the obvious, the beauty of North Canterbury with an enormous sky and such variety of landscape from ocean to mountains.

What is your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury?  Explore the tracks and trails with a backpack picnic of delicious locally sourced and produced wine and food.

Name your top three North Canterbury food and beverage brands (other than your own of course!): Only 3??  I’ll have to mull on this…

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139 Mackenzies Road, Waipara