From Hurunui Farms to your plate:

The Hurunui has always had farming at its core and in the South Islands heartland it’s a tradition Harris Farms are proud to continue. They farm sustainably and ethically, combining the best of the ancient with the most cutting-edge of the modern to produce the very best meats you can eat.

Q&A with Timo from Hurunui Farms

Why North Canterbury? We love the area, with its nice community in Amuri and Hawarden. Culverden has become and extended family, especially since our own family are in Germany. The good farming climate suits both our lifestyle and work.

Favourite thing to do? North Canterbury offers everything on your doorstep. From skiing, which is just a 40-minute drive to Mt Lyford, to beach swimming, hunting, and fishing, it’s a gateway to the outdoors and great for the kids.

Three favourite NC brands? PJ’s Pies in Hanmer Springs, Brew Moon Amberley, and Black Estate Wines


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