Pioneer of the North Canterbury grape growing and winemaking scene, Pegasus Bay is a truly memorable place to visit. The Donaldson family has been dedicated to wine since the early 1970s. Known throughout the region as one of the top wine producers, the iconic Pegasus Bay cellar door is not to be missed on any Waipara itinerary. Entirely family owned since the very beginning, this beautiful winery is a true reflection of the Donaldson family’s dedication to the region.

Q&A with Ed Donaldson from Pegasus

Why North Canterbury? North Canterbury is right on the edge as far as the climate goes meaning it gets warm enough to ripen the fruit but cool enough to make refreshing, high-quality, cool climate wines. The extended hang time the region is known for allows a wide range of varieties to be successfully grown. Low rain fall is also a key factor. And finally, because of the comparatively low yields we get in North Canterbury, there is not a lot of big corporations meaning most of the producers are small and family owned, so lots of great personalities.

What’s your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury? Spending time in the high country lakes. Mind blowing scenery, plenty of fish and so many great spots to share a bottle with good friends.

Name your top three North Canterbury brands (other than your own!): Greystone, Black Estate, Bone Line


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263 Stockgrove Road, Glasnevin