MADE NORTH CANTERBURY is a platform to showcase the diverse food and drink grown, made, reared and caught here in our region. We shine a light on the amazing food and drink experiences that are here, from local restaurants, cafés, bars, on-farm visits, to farmers’ markets, tours and culinary classes. MADE NORTH CANTERBURY is an Enterprise North Canterbury initiative created to help put our producers on the map and build a resilient and tight-knit community.

The Provenance Mark

MADE NORTH CANTERBURY is the region’s first provenance brand. The concept of provenance celebrates the unique origin of a product or produce, its authenticity and traceability. We use internationally-recognised provenance criteria that takes into account the % of local ingredients used, skill level in making and manufacturing, and whether the business is owned and operated in North Canterbury. The businesses listed on this website are certified MADE NORTH CANTERBURY. When you buy from of our producers, you can buy with confidence knowing you are truly supporting a local business.

Buying Local is Supporting the Local People and Economy

When you buy local, especially from our many farmers’ markets, you know you are getting seasonal produce at its peak in freshness, flavour and nutrition. You’re creating fewer food miles and cutting out the need for transportation and long-life packaging and additives, which all contributes to a healthier planet. When you buy local you are engaging with your local community, supporting their businesses, their dreams, their families and all that they give back to that very same community.

Our Mission

The vision of this project is to unite North Canterbury food and beverage businesses under one brand to build a sense of community, connection, and a catalyst to discover and create new collaborative opportunities. We envision many events, marketing campaigns and activations that will put our region and producers on the map. As with anything, the power and impact will be greater if we work together. 


Do you own a North Canterbury food or beverage business? We would LOVE to share your story on our platform and celebrate your provenance. Please email for more information.