Back in the early 2000s, craft beer wasn’t much of a thing in New Zealand, let alone in rural North Canterbury. That was until Kieran McCauley and Belinda Gould turned up. Fresh from a stint in California with its lively craft beer scene, the couple decided to show North Canterbury what it was missing, and thus Brew Moon was born.

Q&A with Belinda Gould from Brew Moon

Why North Canterbury? It’s an area I grew up in and where I’ve spent most of my working life through time winemaking at Waipara Springs and Muddy Water. It’s beautiful, it’s friendly, and it’s right on the cusp of a great city, so there’s plenty to like!

Favourite thing to do? Walk up Mount Grey with my dogs. Beautiful bush and amazing views of the plains, and often you don’t see another soul!

Three favourite NC brands? Ruby Six, The Sausage Shed and all North Canterbury wineries (it would be impossible to single one out!).


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