A love of gin, a passion for learning and an abundant farm nestled beneath the Kaikoura ranges are the key ingredients that make up Mt Fyffe Distillery.

Q&A with Justine Schroder of Mt Fyffe Distillery

Why North Canterbury? My husband is a fifth-generation sheep farmer on the foothills of Mt Fyffe. His passion for the area has rubbed off on me. There is an untapped resource right here on our doorstep. The beauty, botanics and space all around inspired me to explore the possibilities of what this incredible region can provide.

What is your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury? When I’m not making gin, looking after the farmer (!) and our two young boys, I escape into the hills training for multisport events. I’m in my happy place either on the bike, running or in a kayak, and can find clarity when I’m out there doing it.

Name your top three North Canterbury brands (other than your own!): I love to support anything locally made or produced in Kaikoura and the local area: The A&P Show, our local Kaikoura farmers’ market and the awesome MTB park just up the road.

Find Us

Mt Fyffe Distillery 202 McInnes Road Kaikōura, NZ 7371