Best Places to Buy Fresh, Seasonal Produce in North Canterbury

There’s no denying our North Canterbury region can produce delicious things. But we aren’t just good at growing grapes. With a host of incredibly humble and hardworking farmers we are spoilt for choice when it comes to locally grown food. Here’s a round up of some of the best places in North Canterbury to buy fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables throughout the region.


Cam and Melissa Booker are just one of the lovely couples you’ll find at Ohoka Farmers Market. They’ve been growing, harvesting and selling their produce throughout Canterbury for years from their farm in Sefton. In 2020 their delivery box offering was a Covid-19 success story, growing from producing 60 boxes per week to 350 boxes and they’re still going strong. With a produce range that spans over 50 crops including everything from rainbow chard, pears and brussels sprouts to strawberries, watermelon and asparagus.

Dixon No Dig

Located above Manuka Bay, just out of Cheviot, this special market garden was distinctly designed ‘as nature intended’. A small and very intensive ¼ acre production property uses a ‘No Dig’ philosophy, once based on an eco-organic regenerative model. It’s something that owner Cam is deeply passionate about after starting the garden from scratch on bare farmland. Now four years on he produces organically grown produce, selling it via his online shop and keeping it local by delivering to Cheviot and Greta Valley.

Amberley Farmers’ Market

Another Farmers Market attended by the Grown couple, this one is perched on the edge of SH1 in central Amberley. This vibrant community market, is a social gathering as much as a shopping expedition. With a deeply loyal following, this year-round bustling occasion provides all matter of fresh veggies grown by passionate farmers, as well as a bunch of pantry treats including Harvest Glen Hazelnuts, Mt Grey Olives, meat from The Sausage Shed, cheese from Little Farm Goat Diary and sourdough from Stony Creek Breads.

Ohoka Farmers’ Market

Rated one of the four best Farmers’ Markets in the country, every Friday morning from 9am til 12.30pm, rain, snow or shine you’ll find a bunch of stallholders at the picturesque Ohoka Domain. Take your pick of organic, locally grown seasonal produce and fill your fridges with nutritious ingredients to keep your family well. Sip on piping hot coffee and snack on fresh bakery treats while you load up on eggs, honey, fresh fish, meat and poultry.

Pihi Farms

With their fierce farm to plate model, Pihi Farms are the epitome of small, dynamic and diverse food growers. Located on the eastern coastline of North Canterbury they go above and beyond organic and sustainable and believe strongly in the need to produce more nutrient dense and flavoursome produce. Their vegetable range includes unique and harder to come by ingredients including sorrel, Jersusalem artichokes, yacon, taewa and tomatillos. All grown using permaculture principles and even seaweed harvested from nearby beaches.

Mountain View Produce

Mountain View Produce are small-scale hydroponic strawberry growers based in West Eyreton. Growing in natural water-based nutrient solution means the strawberry plants have no nutrient stressors and can focus all their energy into flavour development. Growing under cover also means the strawberries attract fewer pests and diseases, which means no nasty chemical sprays. And of course, the couple’s meticulous care contributes to the overall product quality – Shane picks, grades and punnets the berries himself using gloves. Each berry is hand cut off the plant to minimise bruising, and the fruit is only harvested when ripe, then packed and transported immediately to maintain freshness and taste.