Satisfy Food Rescue

Phillipa Hunt was astounded when she found out that one third of food produced in New Zealand goes to waste, so she decided to become part of the solution, and Satisfy Food Rescue was launched in 2014.

The charity redistributes food from local supermarkets, eateries, and producers to 33 community organisations helping people in need. Satisfy now has a team of five employees and over 30 volunteers who rescue over 15 tonnes of food per month across North Canterbury.

Manager Stef Van Meer says more and more local businesses and growers are becoming aware of how they can contribute to the food waste problem by engaging with Satisfy Food Rescue. “The farmer that may once have simply dug back into the paddock produce not suitable to sell, will now make arrangements with charities such as Satisfy to provide that food somewhere it can make a difference.”

Satisfy Food Rescue is bridging the gap by re-directing the abundance of food in our community to where it is needed.

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122 Williams Street, Kaiapoi, 7630