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North Canterbury is truffle country and Kings Truffles reigns supreme. With a truffiere positioned in the heart of Canterbury’s limestone country, Kings is one of the largest truffle-growing operations in New Zealand. With 6000 trees located in Waipara, plans are in the works for more to be planted within the next few years.

Truffles’ flavour, rarity and their extraordinary value have long intrigued people from around the world. Until recently, truffles harvested for commercial use were confined to the ancient oak forests of Europe, but thankfully for us, the prized truffle is now being produced right here in North Canterbury.

New Zealand leaders in supplying fresh truffles direct from the source, Kings Truffles was founded by Bill Lee in 2003. Bill was joined by his daughter in 2006 and Jax Lee now leads the team, constantly seeking to innovate and explore the possibilities of supplying stunning fresh Black Truffle to the New Zealand market.

During truffle season (June to August) guests are invited to join in a range of bespoke Truffle Hunt experiences – a very popular pastime with foodies. Kings also offers an all-encompassing service to potential truffle growers. Truffle infected seedlings, site analysis and a full consultancy package for support in management, growth and marketing/sales are available to those interested in their own truffiere.

Love a good truffle? Want to know more? Come along and wander the trees, watch the dogs sniff out the goods before enjoying simple but delicious truffle-based fare prepared onsite at Kings Truffles.

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Q&A with Jax Lee from Kings Truffles

Why North Canterbury? The right climate for good things – long, hot, dry summers for growing truffles, with cold winters and frosts that are perfect for ripening the truffle and intensifying the aroma. This also lends itself to an awesome place for a young family and so many great outdoor adventures on our doorstep.

What’s your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury? A picnic at Lake Taylor on a good day is pretty hard to beat.

Name your top three North Canterbury brands (other than your own!). Beer = Brew Moon. Foodie treat = Make it Raw. Wine = So many I can’t choose!

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Mckenzies Road, Waipara

Kings Truffles is a private family farm so please no drop ins. The team are happy to organise pick ups of any orders but this must be done directly through them. Thank you for your understanding.