North Canterbury Wine Region Launches Online Shop Page

Lucky enough to be granted essential service permission during COVID-19 Alert Level 4, many of North Canterbury’s wine producers have moved their sales online in a bid to keep their wine (and income) flowing.

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To consolidate this effort, the North Canterbury Wine Region has launched a new online shop page on its website. This features links to the local winegrowers who sell via their website or via direct email orders. 

“As is the case for so many in the hospitality industry, these have been testing times,” explains Catherine Keith, North Canterbury Winegrowers Committee Chair.

“As such, we’ve developed a new online campaign championing the small and mighty wine region we all know and love, encouraging people to check out the new shop page. Now more than ever, it falls on consumers to support with their dollars and shop local. For North Canterbury winegrowers, this has meant throwing our attention to online sales – which for some has been a real shift.” 

There are currently 48 wine producers listed on the site, all of whom will continue to be able to deliver online orders during Alert Level 3 and beyond.

Enterprise North Canterbury Food & Beverage Business Development Manager Alissa Miller says, “A lot of these wineries do not sell through supermarkets and as such, due to COVID-19, have lost their only sales channels such as restaurants, retail and export. It’s great to see the winegrowers working collaboratively to adapt and find ways to operate through the current situation. It also brings to light how many wineries in North Canterbury are able to sell direct – which will hopefully encourage consumers to continue with this option into the future.”

To order your North Canterbury wine direct from the producer visit