Grow Your Business

At this point, it is wise to take some time, step back and rethink about your business from first principles: what do you personally want to achieve from your business? Look at your systems and processes: do they reduce your workload and will they be fit for purpose as you grow? How much of what you do is necessary, and how much of it is now outdated tradition? Look at your staff: who can you grow to take on some of your tasks, where are the gaps? It is time to refresh and restart your business; that means looking at what is contributing to your goals and what isn’t. Create a new plan, redo your forecasting, reassess what roles are needed in your business and re-evaluate your own role and tasks. You can’t do it alone. We suggest that this is the stage where you will see the greatest benefit in getting an outside mentor or business coach, and in joining a business networking group. This will help you to rapidly put changes in place and will help you to understand the potential impact of the changes you will make. Successfully renewing your business will reduce your workload, better manage your cashflow, increase your profit and set the business up nicely for the next phase of growth.


Helpful Articles & Links

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Lean – A fantastic method to increase productivity and reduce waste

Research and Development Grants – Funding to help you solve technical problems

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Mind Tools – A website with a huge number of resources and self-analysis tools

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Provincial Growth Fund – Investment or loans for commercial growth that will lead to jobs and community benefit


Resources provided by Enterprise North Canterbury