Wash Creek

If you’re looking for the taste of North Canterbury, you can’t go past Wash Creek organic beef and lamb. Wash Creek livestock is reared upon the coastal Hurunui hills near Waipara on a rotational diet of chicory, clovers, lucerne and plantains. The result? Restaurant-quality certified organic beef and lamb known for its flavour, colour and texture.

Wash Creek is the result of a collaboration between a bevy of experienced organic farmers who combined their knowledge, resources and drive to form the Wash Creek brand back in 2015. The team’s focus on providing the best conditions and feed for their animals and following certified organic processes at every turn has resulted in their premium products gracing supermarket shelves throughout the country and overseas.

The self-shedding Wiltshire sheep of Wash. Creek are easy care and require little intervention. The lambs enjoy a clean grazing regime, grazing on paddocks that have been rotated by crops and cross-grazed with cattle. The cattle, a composite breed, spend most of their time grazing the hill pastures of the Mount Cass property. Young cattle then spend time fattening with the lambs dining on mixed clover and herb pastures come summer.

Early settler farmers of this North Canterbury property used to dam the stream and dip their livestock. But things have been well and truly turned around by the Wash Creek farmers who operate a certified organic farm with a focus on eco-friendly management and humane animal treatment, benefitting the environment the animals and the end consumer.


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Q&A with Andrew & Sara Heard from Wash Creek

Why North Canterbury? Can’t beat the location.

What is your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury? Walking on Mt Cass and fishing the Hurunui river.

Name your top three North Canterbury brands (other than your own!): Black Estate, Greystone and Brew Moon.

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208 Symonds Road, Waipara