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25 years ago, Chris Gill was a dairy farm worker with a single beehive. Fast forward to today and he’s running his own honey production business, managing over 3,000 hives. Passion can do that to a person.

With his interest in bees driving him all the while, Chris has worked hard to build up his business along with wife Susan. They’ve gone from being a primarily export company to launching their own local retail brand – The Beekeepers Honey – which includes thyme, beechwood, clover and manuka honey as well as honey comb, blackcurrant and honey spread, blackcurrant and honey concentrate and honey flavoured fudge. Susan has meanwhile developed an extensive manuka honey bodycare range including soaps, moisturisers, lip balms and conditioner bars.

The pair has a real emphasis on doing ‘what is best for the bees’, which drives them to seek out remote locations for their hives, with good pollen sources. They manage their hives organically and work to foster strong, long-term relationships with farmers and landowners who house the hives. The result? Pure, natural, tasty, local honey.

The Beekeepers Honey sell their products online as well as at a range of local markets and specialty retailers. They also have an on-site Farm Shop at their Poyntz Road property so you can pop in, browse and purchase their full range.

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