Ohoka Gold

There’s a whole lot more than meets the eye in a bottle of Ohoka Gold extra virgin olive oil. More than just the appealing golden oil within, each bottle contains the careful devotion of the Cosgrove family and their unwavering dedication to quality.

It all starts in the 2.5-hectare olive grove in Ohoka, North Canterbury where the soil and climate are ideal for growing quality olives which produce a rich and complex oil. Here, the family’s 350 olive trees are carefully tended using sustainable and organic philosophies. Come harvest, the fruit is picked, de-leafed, washed, cold pressed and bottled by friends and family on site within 24 hours, ensuring maximum freshness and quality. Without heat, chemicals or additives, the oil can retain the full flavour, aroma and nutritional value of the olives.

The Ohoka Gold dark glass bottles are more than just an eye-catching packaging choice; light is one of the key diminishers of a quality extra virgin olive oil (or EVOO), so dark glass is essential in keeping the finished product at its peak, as is a storage time of less than two years – something the family are always mindful of in their product turnaround.

A quality product has always been the focus for the family, who started Ohoka Gold with nothing more than a passion for farming produce and sharing it with their community. And now they’re doing just that.

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