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Tasty in their own right, hazelnuts are a natural healthy whole food that beautifully compliment both chocolate and ice cream. Hence, Canterbury Nuts have been known to supply their product to local retail outlets in Canterbury and beyond. If you’ve tried their roasted hazelnuts or the ones coated in chocolate then, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about – truly ‘food that delights’.

If you’re nuts about hazelnuts, we know just the place. Canterbury Nuts has a maturing orchard in North Canterbury which was first established in 2005; quickly becoming known for their delicious range of hazelnut products. If you’ve tried their roasted hazelnuts or the ones coated in chocolate then, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about – truly ‘food that delights’.

With a vision to support both the environment and their community, the Harris family wanted to move to a place where they could enjoy the fresh country air and appreciate a simpler way of life while teaching their sons the importance of working as a team. They found it in West Eyreton, and after a 12-month mentoring period with the previous owners, their Canterbury Nut journey began.

​Driven by a desire to live healthily and tread lightly on the earth, the hazelnut farm enables the Harris’ to produce something from the land; a natural product that is fundamentally sound. Canterbury Nuts is focused on long-term sustainability. The team is passionate about creating natural New Zealand products of the highest quality with everything grown right here on the Canterbury Plains.

The orchard itself consists of six blocks of 3000 hazelnut trees, the majority of which are the whiteheart variety with the rest being pollinator varieties. Whiteheart is a delicious nut that blanches well and is well suited to processing. A true case of paddock to plate, Canterbury Nuts’ processing facility is also onsite. Both the trees and nuts are resilient to environmental stressors often experienced on the Canterbury Plains.

Have a look around the orchard before browsing the range of hazelnut products. Hazelnut butter perhaps? Or take home a bag or two of freshly roasted hazelnuts to eat on their own or mix with your favourite ice cream or chocolate.

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Q&A with Jenny Harris from Canterbury Nuts

Why North Canterbury? North Canterbury is a climate well suited to growing hazelnuts, and also a great place for recreation with accessibility to multiple outdoor activities.

What’s your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury? The fact that we can live and raise our children in a rural lifestyle and yet be so close to the awesome townships of Kaiapoi and Rangiora which have all the amenities one could need.

Name your top three North Canterbury brands (other than your own!): So many to pick from! Nom Nom Kitchen in Rangiora, Red8 Café in Kaiapoi, Black Estate in Waipara

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