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When Nikki Grant organised a 50th birthday party for a friend, she had a problem. The grazing table she’d ordered was incredible – with the exception of the crackers.

“While the array of tempting and delicious cheeses, pates and dips were tantalizing, the carriers of these mouthfuls – the crackers – were less inspiring,” explains Nikki. “They were overly commercial and I’d seen them everywhere, a million times before.”

Having relinquished her role as a corporate event planner following Covid, Nikki decided to channel her lifelong passion for baking into a unique business. And so, The Artisan Biscuit was born.

“I wanted to provide the guests something totally different, the handcrafted, the artisanal and bespoke biscuit, something that looked made to order,” explains Nikki.

Based in Kaiapoi, Nikki now turns out a delectable array of handcrafted biscotti, crackers and cookies with the aim of offering something totally different. Each biscuit is handmade and hand cut, providing a curated final product that mass-made packet brands just cannot compete with in terms of quality, taste and freshness. Wherever possible, Nikki sources local ingredients. “It makes sense to use locally sourced products where the provenance can be traced and I know exactly what is going into my product and where it has been produced. I use locally sourced walnuts, homegrown spray free lemons and herbs, oranges from my greenhouse go in to create the biscotti. I’m still searching for North Canterbury produced 75% dark chocolate though!”

With her stunning range that includes such treats as lemon and thyme biscotti, keto seed crackers and chocolate thunder cookies, Nikki has certainly achieved a delicious point of difference.

The Artisan Biscuit range is currently available via and at the Amberley Farmers’ Market.

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Q&A with Nikki from The Artisan Biscuit

Why North Canterbury? It really is a wonderful region to live, work and play. And we were post-quake builders that made the leap over the Waimak and I am so pleased we did. I would never live in town again…in fact I avoid having to go into Christchurch at all, more or less everything I need is located out here.

What’s your favourite thing to do in North Canterbury? Walking my two Griffons on many of the wonderful walks in North Canterbury from wandering the river walks on the banks of Cam and watching the River Queen glide past to tramping the trails along the Ashley River and Woodend Beach, you can’t fault the scenery.

Sunday lunch at Waipara Springs Winery is one of my faves as is shopping in Rangiora with the girls, lunch at one of the many cafes (Fresca and FODs are our go tos) or movie night at the wonderful cinema in Rangiora. We truly are spoilt for choice and I appreciate it all.

Name your top three North Canterbury brands: Hmm that truly is a hard one for me being a foodie, I would have to list most of the wineries in North Canterbury into that list for starters, then followed by nuts, cheeses, olive oils, fresh strawberries and incredible array of freshly produced artisanal breads, gorgeous fresh vegetable produce, gosh really only three? I think more like 300!!

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